Designed to make every minute count

The most efficient way to add well deserved value to your firm from the time spent on planning for prospects up to the moment a client is made.

All too often, time spent on developing a prospect into a client is overlooked and not effectively recorded due to a lack of facilities within the case management systems to do so. Over time this can accumulate to precious time and money being lost for the firm.

Main features

Time activities can be created specifically for the prospect time manager

These activities can be mapped to live time recording activities when the time is posted onto the matter

A work in progress (WIP) or time limit can be set up against the prospect time

All time will be saved against the entity and can be easily amended or deleted

A Crystal report is included so that you can report on all time posted against a prospect that has not been posted

What are the benefits

P4W integration – There is currently no easy way of keeping a record within Partner for Windows of time spent on work before the matter is created. The Prospect Time Manager has been designed around P4W, to fully utilise the P4W format and ensure your employees are able to benefit from easy and fast recordings as well as security.

Easy to use format – The Prospect Time Manager has been designed to be used by internal employees, so the navigation and functionality has been thoroughly mapped out by our IT specialists, to ensure the most efficient time recording process. Your firm can benefit from the already known P4W layout and simple steps taken to start the process and completing it all in one screen.

Clear reports – The Prospect time manager provides efficiency and clear reporting to all of the users by having useful applications integrated into the process. A Crystal report is included so that you can report on all time posted against a prospect that has not been posted, so your readings can become much more accurate and ensure nothing is missed out.

How does it work?

The Prospect Time manager has been designed with the end user and their schedule in mind. It enables an easy and efficient method to capture activities in the simplest format, all on one screen and in just a few steps.

The form is for internal use by your employees within Partner for Windows. This allows the end users to already be acquainted with the system and easily transfer data when needed. The user will be able to access The Prospect Time Manager via the Partner Task Panel’s Applications tab and once the user is in, can begin the simple proccess.

Check out the step by step guide below

The Prospect Time Manager screen can be easily accessed via the Partner Task Panel’s Applications tab.

Simply enter the entity code or click on Search.

(click image to zoom)

Within this single form:

  1. Fee Earner – Select a Fee Earner. The standard charge out rate is used by default but this can be changed
  2. Activity – Select an activity from a pre-defined list used solely for prospect time manager
  3. Units & Fee – Enter the number of units and change the fee if required
  4. Narrative – Enter a narrative for this entry

(click image to zoom)

When you click Add Entry the time is recorded below.  All entries are saved against the entity until the matter can be created.  Time can be selected and amended or deleted.  When you click Submit…

You can select the matter that the time is to be posted to.  Once posted…


The activities are mapped to the live time recording activities and the time appears on the time ledger as normal.

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