Legal IT Services

Accesspoint Legal Services offer consultation on a variety of Information Technology (IT) and other business-related issues. We provide the best in Legal IT solutions to help firms work more effectively and efficiently. As specialists in the Legal IT sector we have accomplished many things from converting existing client and matter data to setting up a new PMS through staff training to eventual practice handover.

Dedicated Legal Services



Write, scan, store then erase!

No need to keep hard copies of sensitive notes, and no need to accumulate bags of confidential waste! Just write, scan and then erase!

The Flashpoint gateway software has been designed to work with the latest technology paper-like material, which can be re-used again and again without taking away the ease of writing your thoughts and notes on paper.

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BPA system

The backbone of Legal IT management

With the modern law firm in mind, our BPA system has been designed and developed by Doclogix™, Europe’s leading business process software house. It provides a complete wrap around for all of the main component business processes used across most practices. Accesspoint Legal Services are the sole agent for the UK Legal sector.
The major benefit of this system is its flexibility and the degree to which it can be adjusted and tuned to suit your firm’s requirements or financial budget. Utilising a modular approach the system offers the all-important key business process areas under individual package headers.

Save time and money