PCMS Health Check

Whether you've used PCMS for many years or just for a short amount of time, it’s easy to forget PCMS capabilities which likely attracted you to the software to begin with.

PCMS Health Check

It’s easy to become complacent with how you are currently working and to forget about how powerful PCMS are and the benefits its functionalities can have to your teams and firm as a whole.


What’s Involved in a PCMS Health Check?

We deep dive into your current PCMS setup
We will deep dive into your current PCMS setup and processes and liaise directly with your Teams for their specific feedback. We will then provide a Report detailing your present status with recommendations to help you make the most of your use of PCMS.
Our team collaborate with you
Our Development team can collaborate with you on many different projects such as creating Case Manager Workflows, creating additional Tools to meet your firm’s specific needs and discuss any integrations such as NetDocuments that would benefit your Teams and how they work.
Our team provide PCMS training
Our Training team can help implement new functionality and provide PCMS training on that and refresher training on Desktop features and Case Manager. The Team also provide training on MS Teams, Word and Excel.

We will find out whether you make full use of the Partner Productivity Suite and PDF Manager, as well as discussing any integrations such as NetDocuments, BundleDocs, PDF Docs or Adobe Sign.

Helping you identify where PCMS capabilities can speed up inefficiencies and streamline your current processes is what we’re here to do. And by using Accesspoint’s client onboarding webforms or by utilising TaskCentre more, you can do just that.

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