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Many firms can get lost in a pool of competition. Which is why we believe your firm needs to have a loud voice to stand a chance of being discovered.

Digital Marketing Solutions

At Accesspoint we help you set the goals that solve your biggest problems. We drive brand awareness for your firm by consistently creating engaging, knowledgeable and useful content.


What we

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is an integral part of any business’s online presence and an important component towards driving footfall (leads) via your ‘shop window’ (website) to conversion success. We create fully joined up SEO strategies which are tailored to fit your specific law firm requirements, enabling you to boost your ranking on popular search engines and deliver greater user experience – creating your ‘point of difference and stand out’ from your competition.
Paid Advertising for Legal
PPC is a Google tool used by many Law firms, delivering a cost-effective marketing edge for gaining brand awareness and leads. When using PPC you can set a limit for how much you wish to spend each day, week, or month. We can help all SME Law firms truly make the most out of this method by maximising their PPC budget and using popular PPC platforms such as Google Ads to gain maximum ROI.
Social Media Marketing
Social media that focuses on customer engagement and user-friendly content enables your company to stay connected with the changes in consumer behaviour. However, this can be overwhelming to achieve and easy to overlook if not handled properly. We keep up with regular postings and create an easy channel of communication between you and your clients, so that in no time, your firm will be looked upon as an authoritative, reputable and recommended source for legal services.
E-mail Marketing
Email messages can highlight services to new and returning clients and then prompt recipients to click through to your website. Whether we like it or not e-marketing is here to stay and will prove to be a very key and important tool in the marketing toolbox. Collecting prospect data and building a well structured and defined database for mailing purposes will deliver results.

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