Deborah Kirk Jones

Account Manager


I’m very happy indeed to have recently joined the talented team at Accesspoint, as their core values align with mine; the most important being excellent customer relations.

I’ve worked in Legal IT for exactly 19 years and have always taken pride in looking after my clients during this time, helping them with everyday needs in relation to their practice management system and sometimes more. As part of Accesspoint’s highly experienced sales team, I’m really looking forward to building strong relationships with new customers in addition to reconnecting with those of you who are more longstanding!

Accesspoint are practice and case management system speciaIists and this allows me in my new role to continue helping PCMS users with training needs, bespoke reporting and Accesspoint’s Windows forms (designed by the Legal Services team) which make tasks such as client onboarding, and the creation of group entities a beautifully simplified processes. There are many more forms and add-ons available, which can often be tailored to suit individual firms. In addition, I deal with 3rd party software needs, along with hardware requirements, so please get in touch if you’d like to see our products (including comprehensive services offered by our Media team), or if you just want to find out more.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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