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Many firms that are faced with the task of completing multiple entities within P4W understand the struggle of various screens, time consuming work and manual data entry. With heavier workloads and pressurised resources to handle this, it’s pretty obvious that every step and every second counts. Reducing the time and hassle taken to create multiple entities is now essential for firms looking to become more streamlined.

The Group Entity Form has certainly proved to be a very useful tool for firms to have under their belt. Leveraging the power and functionality of Tikit’s P4W ‘Task Panel’ functionality, our Group Entity form drastically cuts down on wasted time as it removes the need for multiple screens, multiple data entry and manual conflict checks.

Since introducing the Group Entry Form to the market, our team at Accesspoint have watched closely to see any new and handy developments that can be made to help streamline the process even more for firms. Some of the new features now include, highlighting where conflicts are found within the conflict search, being able to pick more mandatory fields, saving conflict checks as an entity, matter or both, utilise the companies house selection which is useful for commercial clients and much more.

The Group Entity Form is continuously growing and developing into a must have efficiency tool, explore now and see how it can help your firm.

“Accesspoint’s P4W Group Entity Creation Form is the best P4W Add-On since PartnerMail. It has significantly reduced the time taken at Osbornes to create group clients and improved the accuracy of data input due to the intuitive process and user-friendly screen layout. Being able to conflict/duplicate check multiple contacts from one single screen has improved risk management across our client onboarding process, no P4W site should be without it”.

Stuart Taylor, Head of IT at Osbornes

What are the benefits?

Significantly Reduce Time

Our form has been designed to strip down the Group Entity creation process to its simplest form, by greatly reducing the number of screens, steps and mouse clicks necessary to create these more complex client structures. Your team should have peace of mind knowing that the Windows form will significantly reduce the time it usually takes to complete this task- thereby allowing fee earners to turn their hand to the task at hand – fee earning, with far less administrative overhead.

Streamline Data

Once the Windows form has been populated it’s a simple case of clicking the Create button for the magic to happen. The form then creates each individual client entity, whilst simultaneously checking for duplicates, and then creates the actual Group Entity itself adding each individual client entity as a Group Member – all of this from one. Additionally, users have the option of creating a matter and adding each individual entity to entity contacts and matter contacts (should the ‘create matter’ option have been taken).

Sleek User-friendly Design

The current time-consuming process of creating Group Entities can quickly lead to frustration. Our solution offers a clear benefit – it is a user-friendly form that facilitates the central creation of all individual group member entities as well as the Group Entity itself within P4W, making use of P4W’s well proven entity create stored procedure.

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