Accesspoint Legal Services talks automated forms in Legal Aid

Legal aid firms often face the dilemma of increasing their workforce or having to exhaust the firm’s resources, all in the name of getting the job done, which then takes a toll on their already cut budget. Now, it is more important than ever to evaluate the sector and look for ways to adapt with the changing environment and maintain the high level of service given to clients without increasing costs for the firm.

Here is our guide to bridge the gap between Legal aid and IT

Pinpoint where your firm could benefit from automation

We have seen first-hand how administrative time and associated costs for firms nowadays can prove to be a make or break for profitability. More likely than not, the best place for your firm to start improving efficiency and integrating automation would be your admin and operations departments.

Contact a third party Legal IT specialist

At Accesspoint, we have a dedicated team of highly trained legal IT specialist’s that create a number of automated forms, that not only enable firms to use Adobe PDF forms as an efficient method of electronically capturing data, but aim to make your firm work smarter not harder.

Find out what automated form is best for your firm and your desired goals

Our automated forms can show reduced errors in work and drastically cut down on costs as accurate data is pulled straight out of Partner for Windows. Thus reducing wasted hours of time spent on manually completing tasks. Take a look at the available forms already making a difference in legal aid:

Instead of taking handwritten notes a digital form is completed by police station advisors to help gather the required information about the client and the matter, including arrest and custody details.

Used within Family Care Proceedings it can be filled in by the fee earner whilst at Court and allow the capture and accommodation of all information from a court hearing including: parties, further hearing dates, court time table dates & tasks and Order types.

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The increased pressure on costs is just one of the reasons law firms are forced to evaluate their methods and break down the dated barriers seen across a firm’s admin work. We believe that developing automated forms has not only been a big step in the right direction for forward thinking modern law firms, but it has also been vital in maintaining the essential need of keeping costs low and providing high quality service within the legal aid sector. Do not overlook this shortcut to an effective workflow, when it is done right, it can be one of the easiest transitions to moving with the times.