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Welcome to our new Legal Platform Mozaique - Enabling Legal Intelligence.

Mozaique: our new legal platform designed to keep your firm ahead of the game

Accesspoint have recently announced the official launch of Mozaique, a new innovative legal platform designed to keep your firm ahead of the game and help your firm reach new levels of efficiency and high-quality results across every department – enabling legal intelligence.

As new software continues to enter the market at a faster pace, SME law firms are faced with the difficult task of avoiding a disjointed environment. Navigating through the wide range of software applications used across departmental teams, can sometimes prove difficult with much confusion and frustration. 

What you can expect from Mozaique 

  • Digital client onboarding
  • Secure, branded client portal
  • Intelligent automations
  • Website forms
  • Secure online client payments
  • Web payments linked into your PMS
  • Document Sharing
  • Mobile time recording
  • Web-based intranet
  • Website lead tracking
  • Analytical reports
  • PMS integration, such as P4W.
  • And much more…

Mozaique can now simplify the challenge, providing your firm with a number of benefits. 

Improved Productivity  

Achieve a higher quality of service through a more streamlined way of communication and document handling directly with your client. The Mozaique platform offers a new, automated and innovative way for your firm to stay on track, keeping up with the often-hectic work schedules experienced within SME law firms, as well as drastically reducing work time and costs overall.  

High Security  

Mozaique is the future for security within law firms. It is an effective way to reduce the risk of any cyber security threats, e.g., emails are a prime place for data breaches with communication made via email constantly being under threat of hacking, leaving your firm or your client highly vulnerable. The Mozaique platform offers your firm a safe and highly secure hub to communicate with clients and share confidential files.  

On the go Support  

Keeping your client happy is the main goal and our Mozaique platform can provide you with the right tools to achieve this. Now, you can easily answer any queries, request documents and offer ongoing and remote support to clients without having to worry about physical restrictions, as the Mozaique platform can be accessed on any device at the user’s convenience.  

Reports and Analysis  

The Mozaique platform provides handy reports and data analysis that will instantly offer your firm valuable knowledge and insights for a more productive and effective workforce. Additionally, you can create secure and informative KPI’s and general productivity or financial reports with the integration of the handy Payment Portal, as it facilitates useful monthly/annual reporting and easy editing to ensure reliable cash flow for your firm.  

This is the future for Legal IT.

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