The power of a notepad… taken further

Flashpad is an innovative, eco-friendly reuseable notepad that can be coupled with the Flashpoint Gateway to provide an innovative approach to sending your notes from paper straight into your PMS, chosen folders or client case files which can save you days of admin time, provides a hassle-free solution to carrying around ever increasing note pads and lessens the risk of losing confidential notes.

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Write, scan, store then erase!

No need to keep hard copies of sensitive notes, and no need to accumulate bags of confidential waste! Just write, scan and then erase!

How does it work? The innovative Flashpad houses 20 pages of specialist synthetic paper which allows you to write smoothly with a FriXion pen, then magically wipe clean with a cloth to reuse again and again. You can also erase the pen ink using the special eraser on the pen-cap! Flashpads can be re-used again and again without taking away the ease of writing your thoughts and notes on paper.

Branded Flashpad Notebooks

We can supply A4 or A5 note pads that are branded to your specific requirements which can then be configured to deliver your notes to their pre-determined destination. Alternatively, Flashpad will also integrate with other off the shelf products like ‘Rocketbook’ (ask for details).

Instantly send your notes to your PMS using the Flashpoint gateway

Use our Flashpoint Gateway software to send your documents directly to your Tikit PMS, allowing you to upload notes from meetings and court hearings directly into client matters in P4W.

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