– Introducing –

Group Entity Form

Designed to bring IT together in the simplest structure for your firm, cutting down countless steps, time, and costs for both you and your client.

Many firms find the process of creating Group Entities in Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W) very convoluted, taking a significant amount of time for whomever has been assigned the task to enter client details into the PMS over, and over again.

Currently, you must:
With our form, each element of the process is completed in one screen:

Why we do things differently

The current process used by firms is quickly becoming an outdated method for creating Group Entities. So, what can be done to reduce and modernise the process, allowing optimal time for your firm to focus on providing the best front-end service to your clients whilst simultaneously guaranteeing accurate data?

We believe firms should have innovative technology on their side for every task at hand, to turn jobs that could take up hours of precious time into more efficient, time saving tasks. That’s why at Accesspoint we have designed the Create Group Entity form to achieve just that!

This new addition to our growing portfolio of automated products has been designed with your firm and its users in mind – with just one simple form all the hard work gets done for you!

What are the benefits?

Enhanced user experience – The current confusing and time-consuming process of creating Group Entities can quickly lead to frustration. Our solution offers a clear benefit – it is a user-friendly form that facilitates the creation of all individual group member entities as well as the Group Entity itself.

Significantly reduced time – Our form has been designed to strip down the Group Entity creation process to its simplest form, by drastically reducing the number of screens and steps needed to create it. Your team should have peace of mind knowing that the form will significantly reduce the time that it usually takes to complete the task, thereby allowing them to commence their clients’ matters quicker.

Streamline data – Once the data has been filled out, the user will only then have to click ‘create’ for the magic to happen. The form will create each individual client entity whilst simultaneously checking for duplicates, and then create the Group Entity adding each individual client entity as a group member whilst giving you the option of adding each individual entity as an entity contact for the group and also as matter contacts once the matter is created.

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