General Practice Management

This is the most significant change to how businesses must operate for decades

Yes, it’s complicated but much relates to the cultural set-up of a firm, that can be translated into the principles of good governance.  Before starting on your road to GDPR compliance it is important to remember that the whole cross section of staff within your firm, needs to be both informed and involved if you are to avoid the numerous tripwires contained in the Regulation.
This means that there must be universal awareness of obligations under the regulation.  It is not just about IT. Your everyday systems and processes must be made robustly and demonstrably viable.

Continued Compliance

To ensure that there is continuing compliance there needs to be documented, regular processes and systems reviews

In turn this will necessitate regular, focused training on aspects of the Regulation.  One of the most significant of these is the importance of a culture of openness and transparency in dealing with breaches and Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR’s).  It is no good pretending that hiccups don’t happen – where there is a ‘human element’ involved there is always the possibility of error.
The Uber breach case being a good example.  There was delay in reporting the breach which could easily compound its consequences and the penalties are going to be magnified in these circumstances – and don’t forget the penalties – €20M or 4% of turnover, whichever is the greater.

Firms are all going to need to think carefully about the resources needed to maintain their GDPR compliance status. There are strict time limits involved in certain aspects of the GDPR portfolio, crucially in the issues of DSAR’s and Breach reporting.

Where to start?

Where to start on your journey for GDPR compliance is perhaps the most challenging part, compounded by the wider aspect of undertaking a full business process review it becomes quite a daunting prospect.

Our specialist team have designed a carefully considered process to help your firm get from start to finish in 14 very organised steps. Accompanied by our in-house ‘specially designed and developed software’ specific to GDPR ‘s workflow and reminder requirements we can assist you in becoming and remaining compliant.  This software has been designed to complement the Accesspoint Legal services GDPR compliance modules that will work as your guiding mentor.

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