Time and Expense Tracking/Reporting

Time and Expense Tracking/Reporting


Recognised as the best information and business process management platform in Europe

Time Tracking and Reporting Software is a great tool for firms who are seeking to gain increased productivity and improvement in overall efficiencies, better allocation of resources and ‘smart cost’ management.

If you are disappointed with a traditional method of tracking and reporting time and expenses (such as paper-based spreadsheets or similar systems) and are tired of inefficient allocations of resources – try our Time Tracking and Reporting Software. The platform helps you to easily organise your expenses and profitability calculations for a specific client, whilst eliminating the risk of mistakes, reducing paper-archiving costs, and allowing for an effective analysis of the collected data. With all of the expenses in one location, it is easy to see where your time and money is going – enabling greater time savings and cost optimisation.


30% better resource allocations


80% shorter report preparation times


85% improvement in the accountability of all staff office hours


20% increased on-time work completion rate

The time management solution covers time/expense tracking & reporting.

It allows for an equitable and transparent spread of workloads, and suitable expense allocations to a certain client/department unit. The software also fully automates the preparation of billing reports and covers such functionalities as the internal supervision of employees.
The time & expense tracking solution is best suited for small/medium sized firms.

  • Quick and accurate time reporting
  • Precise allocations of resources
  • Client/department profitability analyses
  • Bottleneck identifications
  • Smart cost management through efficient resource allocations
  • Transparency and security
  • Automatic creation of billing reports that can also be used for invoice preparation.
  • Accurate tracking of employee hours, with the ability to change the quantity of the hours and automatic report preparation.
  • Automatic creation of expense reports that can be used for expense invoice preparation and allow for greater control of the costs.
  • Detailed profitability analyses including the fee earner workload costs, as well as other expenses.
  • Ability to extract information about the hours spent on a client/project.
  • Other detailed reports on specific client/ projects, such as the types of actions carried out, the engagement of employees/departments, etc.
  • Control of the quantity of hours spent on certain tasks by the employees.
  • Ability to compare the differences between the declared hours and the actual hours spent on a client.
  • Fee earner/department, etc. profitability reports.
  • Employee engagement analyses and the ability to identify free resources.
  • Ability to extract alternative information on the firms work, such as the type of actions performed, the level of engagement of a department, the amount of time spent on social events, etc.
The time tracking and reporting Solution can be integrated with any operational system, such as accounting or specific ERP systems.

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Why choose the time management solution?

Every week, practice management in various firms spend 3 or more hours counting the fee earners working hours, creating reports and calculating salaries. With the time tracking and reporting solution, you will be able to reduce this time to 1 hour per week.
Maximise profitability and manage your fee earners more efficiently.
Gain control of your labour hours and costs.
Improve your ability to estimate your standard cost of processes and increase your process efficiency.

  • Time and expenditure reports.
  • The ability for privileged users to report the actions/expenditures for other fee earners.
  • Convenient resource allocations using a visual calendar.
  • Detailed security setup with accessibility for certain employees only.
  • Verification and approval requests for the declared hours.
  • Multiple approvals for the reported tasks using a one-click button.
  • Convenient mobile Android app access for management to view and approve the reported actions and expenses.
  • Email notifications of the approval of new actions/expenses.
  • Possibility to correct the quantity of the declared hours for billing reasons (the originally declared quantities will stay recorded).
  • Ability to report all of your employees’ activities in a working day and/or only client orientated activities.
  • Automatic creation of billing reports.
  • Possibility to launch income and cost calculations for every reported action/expense.
  • Data exports to Excel for a deeper analysis.
  • Traceability (all actions are logged in the system).
  • All adjustments can be made without any programming knowledge.

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