Procurement Management

Procurement Management


Accelerate and automate procurement

The procurement management module is designed to accelerate and automate the procurement and supply process plus cut your operational costs. It makes the whole process more transparent, easier to track and far more manageable. This solution would suit the modern Law firm to centralise and manage procurement activities such as issuing and approving purchase requests, gathering and evaluating proposals, issuing purchase orders and approving invoices. It also allows for the provision of storing information about suppliers and associated agreements/deals, and analysing all your procurement information.


50% faster from purchase request to approval of the invoice


46% better results in managing spending and making savings


100% control of spending


50% reduction in overdue tasks


70% time-saving when generating reports


100% process compliance with internal and external regulations

Increased Savings

through centralisation and standardisation

Ensures tighter control, standardised processes and the power to negotiate with vendors, whilst keeping unapproved spending to an absolute minimum. Overall control is enabled through the management approval process, whereby the manager responsible assesses all requests on the basis of your intended budget. Firms that utilise a single, integrated procurement management solution have been reported to achieve results for managing spending and ultimately making savings that are 46% better than those that do not.

Increased Performance

via automation

The automation of processes simplifies and improves efficiencies of the procurement life cycle, with workflow functions and automatic notifications speeding up operations by reducing time lags between the process tasks. Automated approval eliminates a large amount of manual work and achieves much improved performance with:

  • Single document creation using templates and automatic content synchronisation
  • Rapid document search by keywords
  • Invoice uploads using any means (scanner, fax, e-mail, etc.);
  • Inbuilt PDF conversions
  • User-friendly previews for attachments and metadata

It is estimated that companies that use automated procurement processes perform faster and deliver goods and services 40% quicker than older versions.

Smart Decisions

based on accumulated information

Whether using the procurement solution alone or integrating it with an accounting system, it is a great tool for viewing the firms overall spending. It highlights bottlenecks or unreasonable purchasing in your procurement chain and will help you identify and action cost-saving opportunities. Every user can quickly access relevant information through the use of built-in dashboards and charts.

Transforming raw data into useful business information is easy. For example; cash-flow, our visualisation tool allows finance to predict the demand for cash on a certain date. The system also allows the buyer to upload all incoming purchase proposals and easily compare them using various criteria.

The software stores all the relevant information about existing vendors and can even include feedback from your staff about the quality of their goods or services. This allows you to make more informed and accurate decision-making for future procurement.

More Accurate

and improved quality processes

The workflow functions of the system ensure that everyone involved in the process knows what duties to perform and when. Automatic notifications provide reminders about upcoming deadlines, helping to prevent tasks from overrunning and speeding things up along the way. The whole process can be tracked – a critical feature for firms operating in accordance with the requirements of a quality management system.

Who can benefit from the solution?

The solution has benefits for people in all positions in all firms. They can use it to perform the following actions:

  • Create a purchase request and send it for manager approval
  • Access up-to-date information about the status of an order
  • Confirm the receipt of goods or services
  • Give feedback and review information about suppliers
  • Access all documents relating to an internal purchase request (such as RFQs, incoming proposals, orders, receipts and invoices)
  • Sanction approval for purchase requests
  • Analyse and control the spending of subordinates
  • Use templates to prepare RFQs and orders
  • Evaluate incoming supplier proposals
  • Approve supplier proposals
  • Search for related proposals and store new ones
  • Follow the execution of purchases
  • Approve received invoices and assign costs to the relevant departments
  • Store and share contracts
  • Analyse and control spending, and identify opportunities for savings
  • Easily access and approve / reject purchase requests
  • Monitor upcoming payment dates of invoices
  • Have a complete picture of spending (plans and facts)

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