Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Relationship Management (CRM)


All your client information is stored centrally

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is a helpful tool for firms that want to involve all relevant colleagues with the sharing of client information for management purposes (inc: activities such as tracking, monitoring, editing and analysis).
Key benefits of the solution include:


100% TRACEABILITY – everything about fees can be tracked


100% SECURITY – employees can access information in line with permission rights


60% DOCUMENTATION MANAGEMENT – everything is stored in one place for easy use


Better QUALITY CONTROL – serves as a tool for information analysis


Better DECISION-MAKING – make more informed decisions.

The CRM solution can be a valuable tool for many personnel inc:

Practice managers
Fee earners
New business strategists
Marketing personnel
Specialists responsible for delivery and claims management
This solution brings more visibility to day-to-day tasks and helps with the effective collection, management and analysis of information related to a particular sale. The product is complimentary to other solutions.

  • Document-management capabilities related to sales and marketing tasks.
  • Tiered access rights to the full history of sales processes.
  • Differentiation of information by department. This functionality is particularly useful for firms that have a long-term relationship with one client. You will be able to filter information by different services or business proposals for a single client.
  • Performance measurement for salespeople.
  • Analysis of the actions of fee earners and the effects of these on sales processes.
  • An information database that can easily be exchanged with customers.
  • The ability to leave notes on actions taken.

For even better organisational management

we recommend using the CRM solution integrated with our other ready-to-use business-specific applications such as:

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Who can benefit from this solution?

  • Sales forecasts – this solution gives managers the opportunity to precisely measure the potential achievement of sales goals.
  • Detailed information about sales processes – the basic CRM solution provides detailed information about sales processes (such as information on the achievement of certain milestones in a process).
  • Information about sales opportunities – a manager can easily extract all information needed for business development, such as comments and actions already taken.
  • Measurement of the efforts of fee earners – this solution serves as a knowledge base that contains elements such as reports, project documentation and a complete history of each case.
  • Database of the actions of fee earners – the solution provides all comments and notes on actions taken so far in a compact form. This serves to help control and plan the next action dates.
  • Database of information exchanged with the client – you will be able to keep all information related to the client in the system (such as emails, proposals and orders).
  • Information-sharing tool – you will be able to share all relevant information about a business opportunity among the fee earners working on it.
  • Source of information about customer behaviour – this solution could serve as an initial source of information needed to shape a product and/or service portfolio.
  • Feedback on the loss of an opportunity – the basic CRM solution could provide feedback on the loss of an opportunity. This can help in making improvements to the portfolio and/or sales approach.
  • Information about the generation of sales opportunities – this solution allows you to store information about the generation of sales opportunities i.e. enables you to make informed decisions about the next marketing budget or adjust current activities.
  • Information and documents database – the CRM solution can serve as a flexible and easily accessible database for information and documents i.e. proposals, orders and contracts.

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