P4W Case Manager Workflows

All of our Case Management developers have years of practical P4W experience gained from working within law firms.

About P4W’s Case Manager

P4W provides the flexibility for law firms and their teams to use Case Manager in a way that best suits them. In its simplest form, P4W’s Case Manager is a central repository of individually created files (emails, Word documents and PDFs, created and received).


P4W Case Manager Workflows

If you have matter case types with a predictable flow we can work with you to create tailored case type workflows with letters, emails, Oyez Forms, PDFs (and any file type) containing standard content which can additionally pull through centrally stored entity and matter information.

Each individual person within our team has a wealth of knowledge that when pooled together with other team members on projects, delivers something quite special for our clients. Our software developers push themselves to think outside typical outcomes to produce a result that gives clients the edge over their competitors. We recognise and have seen for ourselves how encouraging the development of P4W can increase efficiencies within your team.

Workflows provide many benefits.

P4W Case Manager Workflows help to speed up the conduct of your clients matters (with the potential for a greater profit to be made on the matter); provide non-lawyers with the autonomy to be more hands on and learn through processing the flows; using centrally stored entity and matter information reduces the risk of spelling mistakes and inconsistencies and lawyers can gain time back by not having to dictate rudimental letters, forms etc.

Example workflows we’ve worked with clients to create include Residential Conveyancing, Plot Sales, Wills and Credit Control.

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