Working from home is here to stay – Are you ready?

Remote working has now very clearly been explored by all and it’s clear to see that the overall attitude around remote working has developed positively since the first lockdown.

Remote working has now very clearly been explored by all and according to LPM’s Legal IT Landscape report this year, it’s clear to see that the overall take and attitude around agile working environments have developed positively since the first lockdown. 

When SME legal leaders were asked what they believed the ‘new normal working arrangement would look like for their firm, many stated that over half of all staff will be working from home two or more days a week.  

Although the desire to continue remote working has increased, it is important to take a step back and ask yourself if your firm is now prepared for carrying out work efficiently plus also take on new clients in the most reliable and effective way. 

Perhaps now is the time to explore clever and seamless packages that have been designed around keeping business flowing as usual – such as our Digital Onboarding Package! 

What can our Digital onboarding package offer your firm? 

User-friendly design

Your client will instantly benefit from the well thought out design of our Digital Onboarding Package. The easy-to-use web form layout is simple to navigate through and straightforward to fill out. Clients can access the form on the go and complete it on any device completing it at their convenience. With the Microsoft Teams integration, it removes the need for face-to-face meetings and ensures clients can quickly communicate with your firm remotely and initiate a conversation directly from your website to your firms own Microsoft Teams account.

Meet your client needs

Today’s technology has certainly raised the bar for what a client wants to experience when entering a website and potentially doing business with a firm. As client expectations continue to change, your firm must be able to keep up and provide your client with a fast, efficient and engaging start to their legal journey. This package offers your firm a smooth, modern and forward-thinking approach to handling new clients, with up to date features, integrating the Digital Onboarding Package to your firm will ensure it is ready to keep up with competition and meet client needs. 

Flexible templates

Our package is completely flexible and can be adapted to your firm’s requirements plus the fields housed within your P4W case management system. This can open doors for your firm, with areas such as family law, commercial law, litigation, wills & probate and more being easily accessible via your firm’s website by your clients and prospects. Web forms with customised data screens are submitted by them and the data injected directly into the firm’s P4W Practice Management System, auto-creating clients, and matters and importing the valuable information completed by the client into the case management data fields ready for processing.

Sustainable working

Our Package has been created with the vision of permanent and sustainable remote working in mind. It has been integrated with smart features to help facilitate your firm to take on new clients and start new cases as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Features such as the payment portal will enable your clients to pay their deposits/initial consultation fees at the start of the process plus any outstanding fees at the end of the case. Additionally, the seamless integration of Tikit P4W will allow your firm to quickly take on new clients and save hours of time and resources as ‘accurate data’ is sent directly into the PMS.