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prospect time manager

Turning a prospect into a client can often be hard work but it is always a win for any firm and can lead to increased earnings as well as new opportunities in the future. However, what is often forgotten is the amount of time that goes into preparing work for prospects, with looking at the case and conducting research in great detail, filling out forms, arranging meetings and much more.

Keep in mind, not every prospect may turn into a client and the time taken is a valuable resource that many firms cannot afford to waste, overlooking it can cost your firm in the long run.

With many case management systems unable to record the time spent when dealing with new prospects, how can firms overcome this large amount of work that remains unaccounted for?

The answer is now available!

Introducing, the Prospect Time Manager

This new solution has been designed by our team at Accesspoint to instantly allow your firm to record time prior to the creation of a matter. This time could be for matter research purposes or simply to keep a record of time spent on early meetings or telephone calls. Whatever it may be, the Prospect Time Manager will ensure every second counts.

Main features

P4W Prospect Time Manager

P4W Integration

There is currently no easy way of keeping a record within Partner for Windows of time spent on work before the matter is created. The Prospect Time Manager has been designed around P4W, to fully utilise the P4W format and ensure your employees are able to benefit from easy and fast recordings as well as security.

P4W Prospect Time Manager

Easy to Use Format

The Prospect Time Manager has been designed to be used by internal employees, so the navigation and functionality has been thoroughly mapped out by our IT specialists, to ensure the most efficient time recording process. Your firm can benefit from the already known P4W layout and simple steps taken to start the process and completing it all in one screen. Additionally, all time is saved against the entity and can be easily amended or deleted.

P4W Prospect Time Manager

Clear Reports

The Prospect time manager provides efficiency and clear reporting to all users by having useful applications integrated into the process. A Crystal report is included so that you can report on all time posted against a prospect that has not been posted, so your readings can become much more accurate and ensure nothing is missed out.

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