How can your firm enable efficiency? IT couldn’t be easier.

Improving your firm with P4W Sale & Purchase ‘Out Of The Box’ Screens and Workflows   In the current […]

Improving your firm with P4W Sale & Purchase ‘Out Of The Box’ Screens and Workflows  

In the current climate, law firm conveyancing teams are constantly under pressure and probably more so now with the stamp duty holiday deadline fast approaching.  

The volume of work is problematic and if the current trend continues with support from the government, then the conveyancing handling process needs help.  

The problem that many SME firms face is the amount of time it takes to not only configure the workflows within their P4W case management systems, but to also get the team on board with how to use the new system. This results in a large amount of manpower and resources being wasted on processes that should be making the work easier, not harder. 

Automation within the legal world is becoming more sophisticated every day, but it is important for SME firms to get it right when choosing which process automation, they wish to implement into their system, as there is very little room to make mistakes.  

At Accesspoint, we recommend exploring the benefits of our P4W Sale & Purchase Screens and Workflows for an easy and effective solution. 

How can it help your firm?

Out of the Box Workflows

The usual process for creating a workflow can be drawn out and the timeframe for completion can often take many months as it is commonly framed around a rigid format that requires extra work to adhere to the firm’s specific requirements which carry higher costs. Our Sale & Purchase Screens and Workflows resolve this issue with an ‘out of the box’ workflow format allowing your firm to instantly benefit from all sale and purchase conveyancing transactions. This can then be added to and developed in-line with your own in-house procedures.

Enable Team ‘buy in’

We have seen first-hand how many firms make the fatal mistake of not including the end users of the new system at the start of the project, resulting in resistance and complaints from the team. Our system has been simplified and designed with your firm in mind to allow easy adoption. Additionally, our experienced team are always on hand to provide any extra support needed for your firm, so that you can achieve faster results whilst not compromising on the outcome for your clients. Furthermore, our effective Sale & Purchase Screens have been developed in Tikit P4W to enable an easy and smooth transition for existing users to inject important details from one place to another quickly.  

Streamlined Integrations

The Sale & Purchase Screens and Workflows facilitate the best integrations to allow a more streamlined process for you and your client. Your firm can instantly benefit from the seamless integration with Perfect Portal, so when matters are created in P4W the information from Perfect Portal is stored within the screens, this then auto populates either Oyez or Laser Forms. Additionally, the Sale and Purchase screens have been designed to work when using Infotrack so that the information is available to auto populate their forms.

Effective Organisation

For many, working a hectic schedule whilst providing a high-quality service can often result in more stress for those who have been tasked with completing the admin work. Not only can the Sale & Purchase Screens and Workflows automate the necessary admin work involved, but it can also send prompts and reminders within a workflow to ensure that key actions or dates such as Exchange and Completion are not missed and automatically added to fee earners and central calendars if applicable, mitigating the high-risk elements of this type of work.