Helping You Take Care of Your Clients Best Interests – Online Will Planner

Starting the journey to creating a Will can be difficult: from knowing who to trust with this delicate matter to getting it done right.

At Accesspoint, we understand that for clients, starting the journey to creating a Will can be difficult, from knowing who to trust with this delicate matter to effectively getting it done right. Additionally, for the firm, arranging meetings, gathering all of the essential information and manually inputting them into the system can be just as daunting.

Now, you can skip all of the fuss and start the process in the best way for everyone involved, with the Online Will Planner Solution.

Integrating our Online Will Planner to your website will not only ensure your firm is fully equipped with the tools needed to start planning your client’s Will remotely, but the clever automated tool can also provide a bespoke experience to your clients by giving your firm the perfect base to create any type of Will your client desires.

Allowing them to feel even more looked after and secure- which is the goal when dealing with Will planning!

What are the benefits?

Quick and Easy

The web-based Will Planner is created by legal IT experts so that your clients can complete basic personal information on a well-designed web form with no fuss.

Remotely Done

Remove the need for coming into the office, as the web forms are integrated with your firm’s site and completed remotely by clients, which will then be sent directly to your solicitor.


Your firm can design the web form to fit your branding requirements as well as pick and choose what steps or questions should be added to your web form, providing your clients with a tailored approach.

P4W Integrated

Enjoy the benefit of having completed web forms submitted into P4W, where it will be duplicate/conflict checked and used to auto populate wills and other letters and documents.

“Working with Accesspoint over the past 2 years has ensured a seamless approach to the major developments of P4W that we have carried out and further developments benefiting the firm, our teams and our clients. One of the biggest projects we have completed with Accesspoint was our Online Will Planner which has made the whole process of completing a simple Will online a massive success with our clients and cuts down the time lawyers spend dealing with administration work. As the firm continues to grow, we will continue to work closely with Accesspoint to ensure that we are at the forefront when it comes to technology.”

IB, Sales & Marketing Manager – GloverPriest