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At Accesspoint we’ve been involved in the world of Legal IT for many years and have witnessed many physical and emotional changes with regards to law firm attitudes. 

Our vision has been developing for some time now and sees a major shift in how we can help drive IT to much higher and more effective levels within the Legal sector. This vision sees a major shift moving away from disparate itemisation into more collective joined up solutions where they are housed and accessed via a single platform within a hosted environment.   

One of the major benefits of this is interoperability - the concept that tools or apps can interact in the platform by exchanging information or leveraging other software, services, or even hardware to better the end result and overarching experience to both client and staff alike.  

In this new environment, all options are viable and permissible, allowing each law firm to choose its own adventure or mixture of products and services to best serve its clients and staff - integrating activity streams, teams, search, documents, billing dashboards, and the interconnectivity of applications which create workflow and enhance productivity and efficiency, all in a secure cloud-based platform.

This is the future for Legal IT.

Welcome to our new Legal Platform 

Mozaique - Enabling Legal Intelligence

Offering a wide range of some of the most innovative IT products and services created for the Legal sector in one joined up environment. Using this suite of bespoke tools will seamlessly join many activities together within a firm, providing instant dynamic data management solutions to improve the overall performance of any firm and help ease the workload burden on both individuals and departmental teams.

The central hub and catalyst for our Mozaique portfolio is the portal which offers a means of secure, effective communication and information retrieval and sharing.  


  • Secure Document Management
  • CRM
  • TaskSmart- project Management Tool
  • Promotion, Collaboration and Communication
  • KPI’s and Reporting


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