HSR Law Solicitors


  • Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • PCMS linked web-forms
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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HSR Law Solicitors

HSR Law Solicitors are dedicated to delivering high-quality legal services and excellent customer service for clients. Their Google Reviews speak volumes on this statement alone. The firm of 60 across 4 offices in South Yorkshire consists of teams specialising in Residential Conveyancing, Commercial Property, Wills, Trusts and Probate, Company and Commercial Law, Agriculture and Dispute Resolution.

164% Organic Search Users
39% to 1m27 seconds Average engagement time
10.77% Organic Social Users
38% Form submissions
Results since launch* *1 month prior to launch vs 1 month after launch
677% Home page visitors
4,000+ Google impressions


  • Improve the overall aesthetic and user experience, and modernise the brand across the website.
  • Convert website visitors to prospects through online enquiry forms.
  • Strong focus on their own images (rather than stock images) and new staff headshots to build integrity.
  • Establish a strong social media presence with consistent branding; with the objective of driving all traffic to the website.
  • Increase search engine traffic and drive future growth.
  • Provide integrated web enquiry forms, to seamlessly link clients web-enquiry submissions directly to the firms PCMS system.


We began the website process focusing on the User Experience (UX) design and navigational path across the site. We wanted to ensure users could easily navigate the legal services and examine what pages had enough content, versus what pages required more content for SEO purposes and site quality.

Once the sitemap was mapped out and signed off using a tool called Flowmapp – a collaborative platform that allowed us to work with HSR Law on the prototype – we moved onto the website prototype designs; bringing the plans to life and refreshing the HSR Law Solicitors’ brand.


HSR Law had a maroon/pink primary colour palette with a grey secondary colour, which was quite heavy throughout the site. We stuck to those brand colours that HSR Law clients became so familiar with, but made them more accented across the site, with the primary colour being white to create a fresh, clean look. We also brought the palette to life by adding another secondary colour into the mix: a fresh green.

The design focused on incorporating the traditional HSR Law brand, with a fresh new aesthetic and fun shapes that could be introduced to the social media designs.

Creating a social media portfolio to match the website

HSR Our people

HSR testimonial


We developed HSR’s new website around the popular WordPress platform. We custom coded the website to ensure it was extremely performant for clients using the website and to enhance search engine rankings. The website is intelligently linked together to enhance day-to-day operations, such as adding a new team member is reflected across the site, removing the need to update multiple areas manually.

Historically enquiries submitted from the website were handled over emails amongst multiple employees, for the new website we developed a bespoke integration between the website enquiry forms and the firms PCMS system, so that all data from the enquiries are held in the PCMS as prospects, immediately ready for conflict/duplicate checking and converting to an entity & matter. This removed the requirement to re-input data into the PCMS, removed the chance of human error and improved the efficiencies around handling client enquiries.

HSR LAW Devices

Bringing it all together

With the branded content now adopted throughout all digital assets, HSR Law Solicitors is ready to shine! A simple, clean and fresh new look, with a focus on making it as easy as possible to navigate through the site and improving the experience as a client. The navigation is fixed so it can be accessed at any point of scrolling and it’s easy to use, the site loads ridiculously quick, and the contact forms are consistently positioned throughout the site so that at any point of the user journey, the client can easily click that button and get in touch.

Apart from the service pages (due to context), the entire site consists of images from HSR Law’s own photographer: pictures of their staff, their offices and around South Yorkshire to really add that human touch and friendly personality to the brand that they are so well known for.

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