Flashpoint Gateway

Streamline your processes

The innovative PMS gateway software that helps you work more efficiently, whilst providing more accurate and meaningful data.

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How does Flashpoint work?

Flashpoint is the ‘gateway key’ to an advanced and more automated way of working, whilst populating your PMS with more relevant, accurate and valuable data. It’s a much easier and more efficient for everyday working challenges.

Security & GDPR

Don’t worry, your data is safe with Flashpoint. As part of Flashpoints integration with P4W, any injected data gets destroyed once the matter is destroyed, meaning it is GDPR compliant!

Integration with Tikit P4W

Flashpoint is bespoke software that transports your data from A to B, such as allowing you to upload notes from meetings & court hearings directly into client matters in P4W.

Products that work with Flashpoint

Enjoy having the best of both worlds as you watch your office head into a paperless direction, moving away from the traditional workflows using paper whilst still enjoying the pen to paper sensation that comes with the sleek material that could be mistaken for the real thing!

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