We are Legal IT Specialists that can help make your Law firm GDPR compliant

This is the most significant change to how Law firms must operate for decades

Every practicing law firm in the UK will be affected by the introduction of the GDPR.
The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on the 25th May 2018 and is centered around the fundamental privacy rights of all citizens of the EU – people who live in Europe. It focuses on the issue of data and how we collect, protect, store and select it for use. The way in which we handle the above is under scrutiny and observation.

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    GDPR Accredited

    In addition to our extensive knowledge of how practicing law firms operate we are also accredited GDPR consultants. We are dedicated to making Solicitors and Lawyers GDPR compliant.

    New obligations from the GDPR on such matters as data subject consent, data anonymisation, breach notification, trans-border data transfers, and appointment of data protection officers, to name a few, may require firms handling EU citizens’ data to undertake major operational reviews and possible reform if deemed to pass new regulations.

    GDPR being viewed as a mechanic was long overdue, taking more time to agree and issue than first conceived by the European Commission back in 2012. It was then agreed upon by the European Parliament and Council in December 2016. Without doubt it has now focused minds and attention into everyday business activities previously just accepted and sometimes overlooked despite the occasional slip up.

    Where is the biggest GDPR challenge for you?

    When asking the question ‘where is the biggest challenge for you?’ the more obvious areas for protecting data seem to get no mention and it would appear that the biggest concern and impact could be manifesting itself in the smaller, more detailed areas of people operations and their data handling; many of these areas being buried behind systems that we have created and implemented over the years and have taken fore granted. Alternatively, ‘situations’ that we have encountered and sometimes adopted over the years that we haven’t really fully considered until now.

    GDPR compliance for your Law firm

    Many see GDPR as being based around IT issues, however this is not the case. It is important to understand that it’s more about the core of your businesses working processes and the systems and policies you operate.

    We can help you maintain GDPR compliance, working alongside your nominated team and applying our ‘common sense’ approach to this complex regulation. Our GDPR programme consists of individual work modules, each focusing on key areas for concern when seeking to maintain compliance status.

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    Your GDPR Catalyst

    We act as the all-important catalyst to drive your GDPR compliance programme from start to finish and then beyond.

    Using purpose built software to monitor and manage your progress, it will prompt you for key actions keeping you on track to meet the pre-agreed deadlines for each of the required GDPR work modules and ultimately driving your compliance. Our software is dedicated to making Solicitors and Law firms GDPR compliant.

    Module 1

    Initial consultation

    Module 2

    Consulting, identifying & appointing GDPR team/responsibilities

    Module 3

    Data auditing, data mapping exercise & planning your DPIA

    Module 4

    Data collection scope and justification

    Module 5

    Defining internal processes and policies

    Module 6

    Data Breach avoidance and reporting

    Module 7

    DSAR’s policies, planning and management

    Module 8

    Rights of erasure

    Module 9

    Record keeping and your data

    Module 10

    Relationships with third parties who process data

    Module 11

    Keeping GDPR under continuing review

    Module 12

    Data Processing Impact Assessments 1

    Module 13

    Data Processing Impact Assessments 2

    Module 14

    Your compliance: a summary

    GDPR Compliant

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