Our custom FormShare forms enables firms to use Adobe PDF Forms as an efficient method of electronically capturing data.

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Attendance Notes

Custom, time-saving FormShare workflows.

The process to administrating criminal law clients was often cluttered, chaotic and time consuming, which meant more often than not it wasted money in a legal aid sector that has already suffered major fee cuts.

Accesspoint took the opportunity to develop an automated form which has been a big step in the right direction for the legal aid sector. The Police station attendance FormShare was created in order to save hours of police station admin work, which is usually done at a loss.

Main Features

Reduced errors: Instead of taking handwritten notes, a digital form is completed by police station advisors to help gather the required information about the client and the matter, including arrest and custody details. This ensures accurate data each time!

Up to date records: The form is filled in before, during and after interviews, with recording advice given at all stages.  Outcome details can be recorded, as well as bail information. Legal Aid and means criteria can also be gathered on the form. Finally, all time recording and mileage information can be captured.

Tikit P4W integration: It has been integrated with Tikit’s Partner for Windows so that, following duplicate checks, it automatically creates clients and matters, posts all-time records and saves all other information into the matter.  Information gathered on the form can then be used to auto populate other forms and documents via case management.

Accesspoint have designed a FormShare Court Attendance Note for use within Family Care Proceedings.  This can be filled in by the fee earner whilst at Court and captures all information from the Hearing including Parties, Further Hearing dates, Court Time table dates and tasks and Order types. The form also caters for private time recording and can include FAS time recording as well.

Once the information is captured on the form it populates P4W managing partner tables, it adds dates and tasks into case manager and posts all time.

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    Family Inception Form

    Streamline your workflows with our custom family inception forms.

    The Family Inception Form is an innovative and handy interactive PDF, which can be completed by clients and returned by email prior to an initial meeting. ALS are familiar with the tedious and often time consuming task client’s face when filling out endless forms at the beginning of their legal journey.  The core aim of FormShare is to save fee earners time when obtaining important details, allowing time to consider advice before the initial meeting. Alternatively, the interactive pdf form can be completed on laptop or iPad/tablet during the initial meeting.

    Main Features

    Drag & drop the completed form into P4W – it automatically duplicates/conflict checks, entity and matter creation for the client, opponent, mortgage and pension companies.

    Secure and reliable – your client’s information is stored in a handy table that can be updated within P4W and can be used to auto populate letters, documents and forms.

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      Streamline Processes

      FormShare enable your firm to streamline its processes
      in order to save time and increase efficiency. FormShare can manage the data input to the form including validation, attachments, collaboration and enable complex process features.

      Save Time

      A recent survey suggested that as much as 36% of professional time is spent on admin processes, such as re-entering data. FormShare speeds up processes, reducing reliance on disconnected, slow paper based processes making for a better experience. FormShare PDF forms are compatible with mobiles/tablets/computers

      P4W Integration

      Automatically extract completed form data into your firm’s P4W database so there is no need to re-key data. Extract data from forms into Case Manager Fields and call P4W stored procedures such as create entity/matter when a PDF form is saved into P4W.

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