Digital Client Onboarding Package

Allowing your firm to engage with your clients remotely and with ease to get their case moving.

It is very clear to see that things can change within a short amount of time. In light of the recent Covid-19 developments, we have seen just how quickly the traditional office can become obsolete for some. Through what has been an unusual and unpredictable time one thing is for certain, remote working is the new normal, especially for law firms.

Here for you

During this difficult period, we have seen first-hand how new procedures have pushed firms to come out of their comfort zone and trust in innovative solutions to continue working as normal. One of the biggest obstacles many have faced since closing their physical doors is client onboarding, which is why we have created the perfect Digital Onboarding Package, to allow your firm to engage with your clients remotely and with ease to get their case moving.

What does the package include?

Web Integration Toolkit Icon

Web Integration Toolkit

Clients can visit your firm’s website and fill the online form consisting of core details, such as names, emails etc. Afterwards, the data is pulled straight into Tikit P4W and created as a prospect.

Tikit FormShare

We can create an easy to use workflow by adapting the process to run via a webform that integrates with FormShare.

Payment Portal

A standalone portal which allows your clients to pay their deposits/initial consultation fees at the start of the process plus any outstanding fees at the end of the case

Microsoft Teams Integration

This feature allows your clients to initiate a conversation directly from the website with your firms own Microsoft Teams account.

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What are the benefits?

Flexible workflows

Our package is completely flexible and can be adapted to your firm’s requirements and fields housed within your P4W case management system. This can open doors for your firm as areas such as family law, commercial law, litigation, wills & probate and more can easily be accessed via the firm’s own website by clients. Web forms with customised data screens are submitted by the client and injected directly into the firm’s P4W Practice Management System, auto creating clients and matters and importing the valuable information completed by the client into the case management data fields ready for processing.

Remote Meetings

Provide the perfect alternative to face to face meetings and consultations. Features such as the web integration toolkit or Tikit FormShare allow your firm to integrate its website with online forms and Formshare to collect core information provided by the clients. This information can be sent directly to the PMS, reducing the need to manually input data, thus dramatically saving time and money for your firm.

Competitive Edge

Digital client onboarding provides all the facilities that many modern clients will be looking for. Integrating the package to your firm will make the process as easy as possible for new clients as they can access the forms through any device as well as complete the form at their own convenience, as links are sent directly to the client showing where they left off. This will demonstrate that your firm is forward thinking and committed to providing the very best start for your clients and prospects to begin their legal journey.

Financial Benefits and Easy Planning

This package integrates a handy Payment Portal, this customisable feature is the perfect way to complete your digital client onboarding process, as it facilitates useful monthly/annual reporting and easy editing to ensure reliable cash flow for your firm.

High security

The digital client onboarding package is equipped with the latest security features. This includes a two-factor authentication system within Microsoft Teams preventing unauthorised access to confidential data whilst providing your firm and clients a greater sense of security.

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