Project Management

Where should a law firm start on its journey?

The general advice for those contemplating improving their process and project capability is to start where the need appears most immediate – a good return on investment (ROI).

Applying project management techniques and employing project managers to help control costs and improve operations is fairly well established in the wider world of commerce. However Legal Project Management (LPM) is still a relatively new concept and perhaps one of a more complex nature.

We help reduce your costs by introducing tailored solutions

Our highly experienced team have worked on the ground in practicing firms and understand the difficulties that can be encountered with what appears to be a fairly straight forward project. We ‘hold hands’ working with you and also guiding, advising and managing the entire process from start to finish.

The client pressures to deliver legal services at a lower cost have never been greater and this in turn is forcing the issue to find differing ways of streamlining processes, reducing waste and adding value along the way.

Clients are demanding the results which flow from it

With an ever-increasing number of products/software becoming available that help with ‘matter planning’, ‘resource allocation’, ‘budgeting’ and more, it is sometimes difficult knowing where to start. Outsourced project management offers fresh ideas and impartial advice to overcome this challenge.

We are capable of delivering more for less and are: