Contract Management

Contract Management


Helps reduce risks associated with contracts

The contract management module helps reduce your risks related to contracts. It facilitates the preparation, agreement, approval, signing, storage, and further management of all types of contracts.

You will experience the benefits of the solution immediately after you start using it

  • All contracts are stored in one centralised system
  • Provides easy access to manage all contracts and their draft versions
  • A template library allows preparation of new contracts easily and faster
  • Re-assurance that finalised parts of the contract will not be changed at some later stage
  • Electronically assigned tasks make the contract agreement process much faster
  • Contract agreement processes can be adjusted in accordance with internal company procedures.
  • Provides total control:
    • Review a contract’s current status (preparation, deliberation, signed and sent, signed by all parties, invalid, etc.) as well as the responsible parties involved;
    • Receive messages about the actions performed with your documents; and
    • Receive reminders for actions that need to be taken (extension of contract, etc.).
  • The required contract or any related information can be found instantly.
  • Protection against deletion or loss of contracts.
  • Contracts can be reviewed and approved directly from a mobile application.
  • Smart system technology performs many tasks automatically such as filling a document card, transferring a document, or sending reminders.
  • Guarantee that contracts are managed in accordance with internal company procedures and national legal requirements.
  • Fully automated contract management processes
  • Simple modification of processes such as agreeing on contracts
  • Multiple template contract library
  • Preparation, deliberation, and approval of contracts
  • Secure approval of contracts by electronic signature
  • Action log inventory
  • Contract description card can be easily modified
  • Automated actions:
  • Reminders
  • Field population
    • Quick search
    • Manage user access to all information
    • Status of contract:
  • Contract is being prepared
  • Contract to be signed or updated
  • Expired contract
  • Received contract
  • Contracts sent for an external review
  • Contract is signed and sent
  • Valid contract

Using contract management

The solution can be used in two ways:

Installed on a client’s server (Sold as a product)

  • The solution is optimal for medium and large companies
(Software as a service)

  • The Cloud solution is optimal for small and medium-sized enterprises

The main advantages of the Cloud solution are:

  • Ability to begin using the solution immediately
  • No installation or equipment costs
  • Small investment – only a monthly service fee is paid

Agreeing contracts with customers or partners

External users (contractors) can get secure access to the contract in progress, and you can fully monitor and control the actions taken. To begin the process of deliberation, you just need to send an invitation to the parties involved.

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